Azalea 1600CL


Model Azalea 1600CL
Max. Laminating Width Max. Laminating Width
Max. Speed 6.0 m/min
Roller Heating 40°C
Warm up time 8 min (approx)
Upper Roller Type Crowned
Below Roller type Crowned
Roller Clearance Manual 0-10mm
Roller Diameter 88 mm
Electrical Requirements 100V 50/60hz
Power consumption 1,100 Watt
Size (width X depth X height) 1,940 X 520 X 1,100 mm
Weight 150 kg
Feeding tray length 190 mm

Features of Azalea 1600CL

No. Sales points Detail
1 Manual roller UP & DOWN function Non-step adjustment with simple operation handle
2 High speed Max. 6.0m/min
3 Easy speed adjustment 0m~6.0m/min adjustment by dial system
4 Heat assist function 40°C (Warm up time just 8 min)
5 High sensitivity safety sensor Stops when fingers are too close to roller
6 Foot switch Run/stop, roller up/down
7 Crown roller Both roller crowned → Stable finish
8 Detailed adjustment Adjusting roller pressure in detail
9 Pressure memorize function The last pressure used is memorized even power off
10 Feeding tray length 19cm For stable lamination process
11 Special shaft Light shaft with the scale → Easy film setting
12 Compact size (rewinding system inside) Suitable for any work space
13 Roller Diameter 88mm Roller length 1670mm
14 Rewinding system and optional shaft 2 shaft holders at the front side