Taimes-T8Q Pro-1024i-4H/8H

  • Konica Minolta 1024i printheads, more options,more value. TAIMES digital printer is applied with KM supper wide printheads, work steadily, completely promtes gorgeous colors and hurricane speed.
  • Advanced and superior rack technology, tailor-made rack standing on both sides of the steel plate, so that the fuselage has the maximum carrying capacity of 2 tons, effectively alleviating the car spray in the braking and acceleration of the body vibration, so as to ensure high precision nozzle placement.
  • High precision CNC milling nozzle molding a bottom to improve print head accuracy, floor with a constant temperature heating system to ensure smooth ink printing, to avoid ink appear.
  • With Panasonic 400W AC servo motors system, and standard leadshine 200W servo motor, can supply the huge power for printer,make sure the printing steadily and effectively.
  • Three-rod traction release system to ensure the delivery of large batches of bits, to improve walking smooth, accurate, to meet the high-speed print material delivery.
  • German Igus towline, and the high quality rail, garantee the printing work for long time.
  • The latest carbon fiber technology three-stage heating system system, improved the ink absorption for the material, the oricture is wonderful and beautiful, dry faster and consume less power.
  • TAIMES environmental friendly and qualified original ink, has been tested by a long time and passed the EU RoHS certification. More smooth printing, saturated color and low odor.
Product Model T8Q Pro T8Q
Printhead KM1024i-13PL 8 Heads KM1024i-30PL 8 Heads KM512i-30PL 8 Heads
High speed mode 480X720 2pass 220sqm/h 480X360dpi 1pass 480sqm/h 480X720 2pass 230sqm/h
Standard mode 540X720dpi 3pass 150sqm/h 480X720dpi 2pass 260sqm/h 480X1080dpi 3pass 160sqm/h
High – quaity mode 540X720 4pass 120sqm/h 480X1080 3pass 175sqm/h 480X720 4pass 120sqm/h