• Using imported 400W Panasonic AC servo motor system and German Igus towline, and the high quality double rail, garantee the printing work for long time.
  • Professional UV-LED light-curing system, effectively ensure that the large printing ink drying completely, non-proliferation of ink droplets, fine quality.
  • The anti-collision stop device can help to meet the emergency situation in printing, avoid the blow Of the printheads, and protect the printhead effectively.
  • The ICC Profile ad0pts the Borbieri color calibrator from German GMG international color system. The color is more standard and universaly accepted by Clients.
  • The floating tension lever Pull the material evenly, the screw lever smooth the materials especially for the design of flexible materials.
  • Profesional Negative ink system, which good for multi-condition printing, make ink non-stop print.
  • Multi options for printing, color+White+varnish options specially for DIY application.
  • TAIMES environmental friendly and qualified original Ink, has been tested by a long time and passed the EU RoHS certification. More smooth printing, saturated color and low odor.